Dr. Allison Brownlee Psy.D, LMFT #89484

Executive Director

Dr. Brownlee is a skilled clinician and leader in the mental health field. She holds her doctorate in couples and family therapy, and is an approved supervisor by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Brownlee is passionate about providing quality care to each patient that enters the Solara Mental Health program and is dedicated to overseeing successful outcomes for individuals in treatment. Dr. Brownlee has helped hundreds of couples and families enduring significant struggles, including high conflict relationships and complex family dynamics. In addition to her clinical skill, Dr. Brownlee has a wealth of experience managing mental health care practices and supervising clinical staff. She is known for her ability to facilitate environments where the clinicians and staff feel supported, work effectively with one another, and practice at the gold standard of treatment with every patient. In the culture that Dr. Brownlee is known to create, patients benefit from the strong professional values clinicians hold, as well as the respect and camaraderie modeled by the staff.

Dr. Brownlee has a warm and welcoming presence and would love to talk to you about how Solara Mental Health can be the turning point in you and your loved one’s lives. A.Brownlee@SolaraMentalHealth.com | 619.436.4570