Dr. Emilia Ramirez, PsyD, LP

Lead Therapist

Dr. Emilia Ramirez is both from Texas and California, an Artist, and has worked in the field of social services for approximately 25 years.

Dr. Ramirez completed her doctorate in 2011 in Clinical Psychology in Dallas, Texas, and her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2009 and graduated as a fourth-generation Longhorn from the University of Texas at Austin. After completing graduate school, she moved back to Northern California and at the end of 2019, Emilia relocated to San Diego and so far is delighted by the weather, people, and gorgeous coastal views.

As far as clinical practice, historically Emilia has used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy as her primary intervention of choice. However, now coming to Solara, Emilia will be using her 30 years of experience as an Artist to teach Art as a grounding, self-soothing, and meditative practice to ameliorate negative effect and promote global mental health.

For fun she enjoys playing guitar, tennis, painting, and watching documentaries. Emilia is so happy to be at Solara and considers combining art with her clinical experience to be a ‘dream job’.