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Transportation, Housing, & Accommodations for Vets

Solara Mental Health is able to provide transportation to and from its facilities in San Diego, CA for most of the TriWest covered states.

Along with transportation, Solara can provide long-term housing at its beautiful Pacific Beach, San Diego residences that are close to the treatment center. These housing accommodations can be provided for both inpatient and outpatient treatment that may follow inpatient treatment.

Veteran clients may remain in housing for as many weeks or months as the VA insurance authorizes. We often find that the VA authorizes a considerable length of stay, allowing us the ability to provide quality treatment for the amount of time needed to heal and recover.

Veteran PTSD Treatment in San Diego


Solara Mental Health offers help to veterans who struggle with PTSD. We provide a safe environment for the veteran to process through their trauma with a therapist. We understand that the symptoms felt as a result of PTSD can be disruptive for everyday life and therefore strive to provide a peaceful environment with compassionate staff. 

Solara recognizes that each veteran is unique and should be provided a customized treatment plan for their PTSD symptoms. The trauma-based therapies we provide will be catered to the veteran based on what our qualified trauma therapists decide is best with the client. Rest assured, each veterans life will be changed, through participation in our veteran-exclusive, comfortable and desirable program. 

We are contracted with the VA (via TriWest) to best serve the veteran community and provide help with their mental health and PTSD needs.

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Our Residences at Pacific Beach in San Diego

At Solara Mental Health Care in San Diego, CA, we provide offsite housing in a luxurious facility right next door to our psychiatric treatment center. This allows those suffering from mental health disorders to move seamlessly between their appointments and their comfortable accommodations. The safety, comfort, and compassion provided by our expert team are the hallmarks of our mental health center.

PTSD in Veterans

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was established in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1980 because of the effects the Vietnam War had on veterans.

Veterans are the largest population in the United States that suffer from PTSD. Those in the military are exposed to a vast amount of trauma while in active duty due to combat in war as well as physical and sexual abuse that can lead to PTSD.

Solara provides a safe, peaceful environment for veterans to process their PTSD with a licensed trauma therapist in San Diego. We are contracted with the VA and TriWest giving us an unique opportunity to help veterans with their PTSD. Transportation, housing, and accommodations will be provided to the veteran as long as it is authorized.

About PTSD

People who suffer with PTSD tend to experience a variety of symptoms.

Avoidance symptoms include:

Arousal symptoms include:


Cognitive and mood symptoms include:

Intrusive memory symptoms include:

People with PTSD may have a hard time healing from the trauma they have experienced and it may begin to affect all areas of their lives. The emotional and physical pain can become debilitating.

PTSD does not appear in every person who goes through a traumatic experience or survives a dangerous situation. There are risk factors that make certain individuals more likely to develop PTSD.


Risk factors for PTSD include:

Veterans may be more prone to PTSD because they are typically more exposed to situations where they will experience traumatic events. Veterans are more likely to develop PTSD after active duty when they have a greater exposure to combat, have discharged their weapon during war, saw someone gravely injured or pass away in front of them, and do not have the social support needed after deployment.

Therapies Used to Treat Veterans with PTSD

Talking with a therapist is essential for veterans to process the trauma experienced while in activity duty and relieve the PTSD symptoms.

The VA recommends the trauma-focused psychotherapies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to treat veterans with PTSD. These psychotherapies use visualization, talking, thinking, or changing beliefs to help process the traumatic experience and memory.

Different kinds of therapies can be used as treatments for PTSD:

PTSD can be a long-term condition that can take significant time to heal from. Although people can make rapid improvements, continued treatment can be vital in resolving PTSD symptoms.

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