Celebrities that struggled with OCD

OCD Treatment in San Diego

OCD is one of the most common mental disorders seen in the United States. OCD is a chronic and long-lasting disorder that triggers a person’s highly obsessive and recurring thoughts and behaviors.  OCD is quite common between men and women. As per the reports, it affects nearly 2.2 million adults; that make up for 1…

5 Movies That Best Portray Mental Illness

best mental health movies

Cinema has always been a huge source of education. It is a fact that we can learn a lot by watching a movie. There have been, unarguably, tons of movies based on mental illnesses. However, very few films have managed to explore the subject with seriousness and incisiveness that is demanded. Some films breathe mediocrity…

Understanding Your Inner Child

Understanding your inner child

The inner child. If you’ve majored in psychology, or have done psychology work as a patient, you’ve likely encountered this phrase or notion. We hear about it in popular psychology, and your therapist may have brought up the idea to you. But what exactly is an inner child and why is this work important to…

How to Become a Psychotherapist

San Diego Psychotherapist

Do you have a passion for helping others through difficult and dark times? What if you could parlay that interest into an enriching and rewarding career? Psychotherapy is an ideal field for anyone interested in helping individuals overcome personal issues and combat addictions via psychological, rather than medical, means.  Yet, like any career of its…

The Biological Effects of Trauma on the Brain

san diego trauma treatment center

What exactly defines trauma? In essence, trauma is characterized by a life event that has left a lasting impression on your brain. But the difference is that this impression is not a positive one. It holds memories that are haunting, scarring and sometimes completely inescapable.  When most people think of trauma they associate it with…

LGBT Suicide Rates Drop with the Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

San Diego Suicide Prevention

Being a teenager is hard, but being a teenager who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer in some other form or fashion is a whole over level of difficult. Among teenagers, LGBT suicide rates are more than three times higher than among their straight peers. But the good news is we’ve seen a…

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