Advice on Supporting Family Members with Depression

supporting family members with depression

Is someone you love living with depression? If so, it can be hard to know how to support them. Should you hold space and listen or offer suggestions? Should you tell them that you’re feeling concerned, or instead try to cheer them up? If these questions sound familiar, hang in there! It’s common for family…

Why You Need To Know the Warning Signs of Mental Illness

signs of mental illness

Knowing the signs of mental illness helps play a crucial role in our ability to lead fulfilling lives. Because mental illness is invisible, it isn’t always easy to recognize when we or someone we love is living with a mental health condition. It’s important to know when you or a loved one needs professional help…

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What We Can Learn From San Diego Depression Statistics

California’s a place known for its gorgeous beaches, sunny weather, and breezy attitudes. But that’s just how it looks from the outside. Research has shown that there’s a darker reality for those who live in our West Coast state. Forty-four percent of Californians say they experience high levels of anxiety and depression. But that’s taking…


10 Ways Wellness Retreats in California Can Help Your Mental Health

There are few places in the world where you can snag as much sun as you find in California. The carefree life of surfers and hippies looks pretty enviable when you find yourself stressed out by the corporate world. If you need some relaxation, a place for an annual vacation where you can find mental clarity, and a…

How Does Mental Trauma Affect You Physically ?

PTSD, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, occurs after you have been through a shocking or dangerous life event. Close to 10% of the population will experience PTSD at some point throughout their lives. If you have experienced mental trauma, if you have PTSD or PTSD symptoms, or if you are concerned about your mental health, you…

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What You Can Learn From Winston Churchill and His Black Dog


Winston Churchill is known for many things, but one thing that many don’t know about him is that he may have suffered from mental illness, which he often referred to as his “black dog”. Churchill was known for his determined nature, but he was also known to have bouts of unruliness in which he would…

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