What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)? How Well Does it Work to Treat Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety have a new treatment option, and it is becoming more widely used all across the United States. What is transcranial magnetic stimulation, otherwise known as TMS? How well does TMS work? Does it sound too “science fiction-ey”? More than 16 million adults in the United States experienced a major depressive episode between…

Who Will Save Our Mental Health from Technology?

A Former Google Manager is Spearheading Efforts to Limit the Negative Effects of Technology and Social Media What are the negative effects of technology and social media on us? We’re aware of its influences on our mental health, with studies linking excessive social media use to depression and anxiety. What other grips does cyber-reality have…

Which Mental Health Concerns do Americans Worry About Most?

Which mental health concerns do people worry about most in the United States? Why do we stress, and what do we stress about? According to a recent study, more fellow Americans consistently suffer from mental and emotional distress. Unfortunately, many of them are unable to access adequate treatment, in spite of governmental efforts over the last…


Celebrating 70 Years of Mental Health Awareness Month: “Seizing the Awkward,” 2019

How is Mental Health Awareness Month celebrated? Since 1949, May has been deemed “Mental Health Awareness Month,” raising awareness among millions of people through media, screenings, and local events. Whether you deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or whatever else might be challenging you, this is your month, and in a good way! This year, Mental…

7 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Boost Your Mental Health… Naturally

“What can I do right now to improve my mental health?” You may have asked yourself this more than once. Life comes at you fast, and some days can feel like a real uphill battle. Sometimes external things like traffic, a difficult coworker, your significant other, finances can leave you feeling run ragged. Other things…

The Best Reasons to Let Jasmine Plants and Their Essential Oils Help with Your Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks

Scientists have concluded that the scent of jasmine has such therapeutic benefits that it could possibly end up being used as a medication alternative for depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, and other disorders.  Is jasmine (or any other plant) really capable of helping boost your mood and relieve anxiety? It’s common knowledge that one benefit of…

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