Wraparound Services in Mental Health

Wraparound Services in Mental Health

Mental health wraparound services are a wonderful way for the mental health care community to care for children who experience mental health or behavioral challenges and their families. This innovative approach brings people together and provides all parties involved with the support they need and to ensure that all the needs of the family and…

7 Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety Most People Don’t Notice

high functioning anxiety in the office

Anxiety hurts. 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, making them the most common mental illness in the United States. Few people would imagine just how prevalent anxiety is. Mental illness isn’t a physical disease. It doesn’t show up on the body. It resides in the mind, which can make it hard to recognize. High-functioning…

Blending Food With Mood: How Eating Right Affects Mental Health

eating right affects mental health

Mental health, particularly depression, is a global concern. Despite an increase in mental disorder treatment, the illness is increasing rather than decreasing, more common in young people. The 20th Century has witnessed a dietary shift globally. There’s an increase in the consumption of snacks, sugars, high-energy, and takeaway foods. On the other hand, the use…

Inheriting Mental Disorders

Inheriting Mental Disorders

In the research of finding causes of mental disorders, scientists are connecting the dots at genetic factors. Often, we get the compliment that we look like our parents. We might have their mannerisms, physique, cleverness, attitude, or physical features. But does it relate to the fact that my parents are the reason for my anger…

Is Your Boss Destroying Your Mental Health?

Mental Health in an office environment

Toxic Workplace-two words define everything that might be going wrong in your life. We tend to spend a big chunk of our life in our workplace. We learn, share, and grow as an individual while climbing the career ladder. However, these winning moments also overshadows our efforts, mental stress, and ignorance that we take every…

Celebrities that struggled with OCD

OCD Treatment in San Diego

OCD is one of the most common mental disorders seen in the United States. OCD is a chronic and long-lasting disorder that triggers a person’s highly obsessive and recurring thoughts and behaviors.  OCD is quite common between men and women. As per the reports, it affects nearly 2.2 million adults; that make up for 1…

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