Veterans Service Animals

Veteran Service Animals in San Diego CA

Veterans often come home with physical and/or mental conditions that need treatment. Finding service animals can help the transition to civilian life.

Veteran Homelessness

Veteran Homelessness in San Diego, CA

Veteran homelessness is an ongoing problem in the US in part due to an increased risk of mental health and substance use disorders.

Tips for Veterans to Find a Civilian Job After the Military

Veteran to Civilian Job in San Diego CA

Veterans may struggle with the transition to civilian life, but there are many resources to help find a civilian job. Learn how to be prepared.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Military Suicide

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Military Health

Suicide rates among active military members and veterans post 9/11 have seen a dramatic increase. In fact, an estimated 30,177 active-duty personnel and veterans of the post 9/11 wars have died by suicide. The increase in these numbers among the military can be related to diet, trauma, and mental health disorders. Diets of active-duty personnel…

Mental Healthcare for Veterans in TriWest States

TriWest Coverage for Veterans

TriWest Healthcare Alliance commonly referred to as TriWest, is an insurance that is part of the VA’s Community Care Network (CCN) that specifically serves veterans. TriWest is the VA’s third-party administrator responsible for developing and administering regional networks of high-performing, licensed, and contracted health care providers. TriWest was formed in 1996 with the primary purpose…

Can Men Get Postpartum Depression? Studies Say Yes.

Father with Son

Having a newborn child can be a rewarding and joyful experience. But, some new parents might experience the “baby blues,” in which feelings of unexpected stress, anxiety, and guilt dawn over them. Until recently, this “baby blues” has been thought of as a strictly female phenomenon as they are the child bearers. While it may…

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